Liquid Fuel

Liquid fuel tanks are manufactured of aluminum alloys according to the regulations of approval which have been checked by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Net Development Competitiveness and are in terms with the ADR ( Dangerous Materials Transportation).

The capacity of the liquid fuel keg is from 1000lt. to 45.000 lt.

Each liquid fuel tank manufactured by our company accompanied by complete technical folder including:

1. ADR Certificate

2. Certificate of Initial tank truck Inspection transporting dangerous goods -A.U.TH.

3. Welding Certificates

4. Welders Certificates

5. Material Cerificates -Final Design

6. Study of the Bindind Process

7. Study of Lateral Stability ECE R 111

8 TDS Vehicle Control

9. Tank quality control (radiography-hydraulic testing)